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Much of your daily life is carried out through interactions in the digital world. We are in constant digital communication through texts, videos, photos, and audio. We maintain our personal relationships digitally through online social media and email. We do our banking digitally. We pay for things at the store digitally. We pay our bills digitally.  We entertain ourselves digitally. And the digital world never blinks. There is a digital record of virtually every interaction we have with the world beyond our homes, and with the proliferation of so-called “smart” devices, more and more often with what is going on inside our homes.

As a result, intrusions into our lives, whether on purpose or by accident, are inevitable, and the opportunity to share and profit from our most private and intimate personal information is unprecedented and nearly limitless. As our society reaps the benefits of technological innovation – smarter phones and appliances, savvier social media platforms, snappier apps, computing in the cloud – we must rise to the challenge to maintain traditional common law values of privacy and to protect our fundamental right to a private life.

Federman & Sherwood is committed to ensuring that the fundamental right to privacy is respected and endures even as technology evolves and society changes. Our attorneys possess extensive experience and the requisite technological background to successfully assert and litigate a comprehensive range of privacy claims. We represent individuals in cases impacting tens and even hundreds of millions of Americans against prominent technology, social media and entertainment companies for violations of digital privacy rights and the failure to protect critically-sensitive personal data.

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