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Consumer products encompass the full range of goods that we use in our everyday lives, from consumables to luxury items. Some products have defects that make them dangerous, even when used as intended. Injury-causing products are subject to product liability lawsuits, which hold manufacturers and other companies in the distribution chain responsible for defect-related harm.

Laws have evolved over the years to better protect those harmed by defective products. While several different legal theories underlie product liability claims, they are based on the general principle that products should meet the ordinary expectations of consumers. This includes the expectation that products work as they are intended, are not unreasonably dangerous, and don’t have unknown risks.

Products liability laws hold responsible the designers, manufacturers, and sellers of defective products that cause injuries.

If someone is injured by a defective product, they may be able to file a lawsuit against the company (or companies) in the distribution chain and recover damages. Product liability lawsuits are typically complex affairs and should be undertaken with the assistance from an experienced attorney. Federman & Sherwood has decades of experience in prosecuting consumer products class actions, and we can help you.


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