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    The undersigned (“Client”) engages William B. Federman of Federman & Sherwood (“Attorney”) to seek damages from:

    ("Defendant") and to institute litigation against Defendant and anyone else believed by the Attorney to be liable. Client agrees that Attorney may associate with other law firms, experts or consultants in prosecution of this litigation.

    For its services, Attorney agrees to accept the engagement on a contingency basis. Attorney will be responsible for all expenses, which may include, but are not limited to, filing fees, costs of travel, lodging, copying, telephone calls, postage, depositions and expert witness fees. Reimbursement of all expenses advanced by Attorney, or payment of expenses made on Attorney’s behalf, will be made before distribution of the net proceeds of any recovery. If a class is certified, Attorney will receive fees as approved and ordered by the Court. If a class is not certified and Client’s action is settled, Attorney will receive 35% of all value received or as ordered by the Court. If no recovery is made, Client will not be responsible for Attorney’s fees or any expenses paid by Attorney. Attorney is not required to pursue any appeals.

    Client grants Attorney an Attorney’s Lien on any recovery in this matter. Any disputes under this agreement shall be resolved by binding arbitration in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association for commercial arbitration.

    Client Information

    By clicking on the Submit button below, I intend to sign and execute the Contingent Fee Agreement and retain Federman & Sherwood to proceed on Client’s behalf on a contingency basis.



    By: William B. Federman, Esq.

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    If you make posts on any social media sites, we recommend that you save or screen shot your posts and retain them with your records. IF YOU STILL HAVE YOUR PRODUCTS, WE WOULD REQUEST THAT YOU KEEP THEM DURING THE PENDENCY OF THIS LITIGATION.

    PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS Please note that you must preserve and retain all paper files and electronically stored information (“ESI”) related to this case. This may include, but is not limited to, items such as photographs of yourself before/during/after using the product, any communications you have had with the company, and any posts you have made on social media about the product. Failure to preserve information (whether paper or electronic) could result in sanctions being imposed by the court for spoliation of evidence.

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