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Update on OK Foods Lawsuit

[Fort Smith– Mar. 10, 2022] Yesterday, Federal Judge P.K. Wood III of the United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas denied OK Foods Inc’s Motion to Dismiss in the class action lawsuit brought by Federman & Sherwood and the Anderson Law Firm.

Read the entire Order DENYING The Motion to Dismiss.

Federman & Sherwood filed the lawsuit alleging that OK Foods Inc had violated its duty to protect the personal identifiable information of a class of plaintiffs who had applied to work at OK Foods Inc using the company’s website.

OK Foods Inc did not deny that a data breach had occurred, arguing instead that Plaintiff and the class of individuals represented by Plaintiff had not suffered damages due to OK Foods Inc’s failure to protect their data. Judge P.K. Wood III disagreed with OK Foods Inc’s argument, stating:

“Here…there is no dispute that Plaintiff’s name and Social Security number were part of a data breach and accessed by an unknown third party, and Plaintiff has demonstrated a sufficient likelihood this information could cause future identity theft.”

If you, or someone you know believe they may have been impacted by the OK Foods Inc data breach, contact our offices by calling 405.235.1560 or send us an email to

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