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Federman & Sherwood Investigates Learn Our History Subscription Scam and Mike Huckabee

Oklahoma City, OK (July 17, 2020) – The law firm of Federman & Sherwood has initiated an investigation of a possible subscription scam into Learn Our History, the company that former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee co-founded in 2011.

Learn our History was formed to make it fun for kids to learn American History.  The former Governor of Arkansas, talk show host and two-time presidential candidate’s firm said it is giving away its educational booklets – such as “The Kids Guide to President Trump” for free, or just $1 per item, in a “patriotic bundle” special.  But the offer is far from free.  Parents across the country described a bait-and-switch scheme that duped them into signing up for $20 per month subscriptions without their knowledge.  The many requests to cancel the subscriptions are being ignored by Learn Our History, leaving the parents locked into payments for products that they never wanted in the first place. 

If you purchased the “The Kids Guide to President Trump” from Learn Our History and were signed up for a $20 per month subscription without your knowledge, and have information to assist in our investigation; or, have any questions or concerns regarding this notice or preservation of your rights, please contact our office at (405) 235-1560 or complete the questionnaire by clicking Questionnaire-LOHFinal and the contingent fee agreement by clicking ContgFeeAgrmnt-LOH.  Federman & Sherwood has extensive experience in representing consumers and has been appointed as lead counsel in multiple complex cases.

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