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Federman & Sherwood Investigates Belden, Inc. For Data Breach Incident

If you are a job applicant, current or former employee or business partner of Belden, Inc. (“Belden”) (NYSE: BDC), or a current or former employee of one of its subsidiaries, including Grass Valley USA, LLC, who received a Notice of Data Breach and wish to join this litigation as a potential lead plaintiff, please complete the attached documents (click here) and return to our office by mail, email or facsimile.

The law firm of Federman & Sherwood has initiated an investigation into Belden with respect to possible violations of state and federal consumer laws for a data breach incident that was announced on November 24, 2020.

Belden announced that a data incident occurred involving unauthorized access and copying of some current and former employee data, as well as company information regarding business partners.

Belden issued a statement providing the information that was compromised:

For employees:

  • Names;
  • Birthdates;
  • Government-issued identification numbers (for example, social security numbers/national insurance numbers);
  • Bank account information of North American employees on Belden payroll;
  • Home addresses;
  • Email addresses;
  • Other general employment-related information.

For business partners:

  • Bank account data;
  • For US partners: taxpayer ID numbers.

Belden is headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri and employs approximately 9,000 employees. It is a manufacturer of networking, connectivity, and cable products.

If you want to discuss this action, obtain further information and participate in this litigation, or should you have any questions or concerns regarding this notice or preservation of your rights, please contact:  Robin Hester at  (Facsimile:  (405) 239-2112)

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