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Federman & Sherwood Announces Investigation of the Data Breach at South Denver Cardiology Associates

Oklahoma City, OK (March 25, 2022) – Federman & Sherwood announces that it is investigating South Denver Cardiology Associates relating to a data breach that occurred on January 4, 2022. South Denver Cardiology Associates recently began sending out data breach notification letters after the company disclosed that a data security breach had occurred. According to the announcement, a total of 287,652 patients were notified. This notice did not say whether the leaked files were from current patients or both current or former patents. According to South Denver Cardiology the unauthorized party may have accessed patient names, contact information, date of birth, social security number, drivers’ license number and health insurance information.

If you received a notification from South Denver Cardiology that your personal information was impacted by this breach and you would like to discuss your legal rights and options, contact Federman & Sherwood either by phone at (405) 235-1560, email Tiffany Peintner at, or by fax to (405) 239-2112.

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