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Federman & Sherwood is dedicated to protecting institutional and individual investors — including public pension funds, Taft-Hartley funds and health and welfare benefit funds — from corporate wrongdoing by litigating  shareholder derivative claims to recover damages and to compel corporate governance changes. Federman & Sherwood’s efforts in litigating shareholder derivative claims have resulted in billions of dollars of increased value for shareholders, as well as important corporate governance changes.

Traditionally, a corporation’s management is responsible for prosecuting claims on behalf of the corporation.  However, when management fails to take action in the best interests of the corporation, shareholders may bring a derivative action to assert the corporation’s rights and protect shareholder interests.  Federman & Sherwood has served as lead counsel in many shareholder derivative cases in both federal and state courts brought to benefit companies involving mismanagement and corporate abuse to the ultimate benefit of its shareholders.

Derivative action can include breach of fiduciary duty claims against corporate directors in connection with change of control, squeeze out mergers, books and records requests, appraisal rights, mergers and acquisitions, insider trading, financial claw backs, self-dealing, accounting issues, shareholder voting rights claims, executive compensation, corporate waste, back dating of stock options and other similar transactions. Federman & Sherwood’s experience in prosecuting securities violations, antitrust violations, financial and accounting malfeasance and labor violation enables our attorneys to draw on a vast body of knowledge and expertise in litigating shareholder derivative cases.

If you believe that a company you invested in is being abused by its executives our board members, contact Federman & Sherwood today.

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