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Practice Areas

Federman & Sherwood is a boutique litigation law firm handling securities law, business law, product liability and drug recall cases.  It will handle only those cases that it believes strongly in.  The firm grew out of a primarily defense oriented practice to now encompass one of the fastest growing plaintiff litigation firms in the Southwest. 

Under the realm of securities, we represent individual investors, institutional investors and independent funds in class action cases that focus on investments and investors with respect to misrepresentations, incomplete risk analysis, greed, bad accounting practices and outright fraud.

In insurance law, our involvement is with policyholders, businesses and individuals, seeking coverage for their losses. Those seeking payment of medicals bills, benefits from benefit programs (including ERISA cases), those faced with denial of coverage, and other insurance contract disputes are our main focus.

Protecting the rights of injured persons and their families, as well as aiding them in addressing the financial consequences of such a catastrophe, are most important to us in product liability and drug recall cases.

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