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Current Securities Class Action Cases

Federman & Sherwood regularly posts press releases about new class action securities cases, which includes the class period and deadlines for appointment of lead plaintiffs.  Please review any of the case listings  below, and if you bought a security during the class period, we invite you to return an investor certification to our office. Our link to an investor certification for any of the cases can be found below each respective press release on that company.  Once completed, please return to our office by email to or fax to (405) 239-2112. 

Current Cases

Canon USA, Inc. Consumer Class Action

UPDATE:  This litigation was settled and the Court approved the settlement on April 25, 2016.  

Federman & Sherwood has filed several consumer class action lawsuits against Canon USA, Inc., on behalf of all consumers who purchased certain defective printer models manufactured and distributed by Canon USA, Inc.  Thus far, at least 16 different Canon printer models have been identified that display an error message of "U052: Wrong Printhead Error," after limited use. This error indicates that the printer does not recognize the printhead, or that the printhead itself is faulty, but disables all functions of the printer, including scanning and facsimile capabilities, rendering the printer unsuitable for its intended purpose and use.

Federman & Sherwood alleges that Canon has actual knowledge of this defect in its printers, but has failed to recall certain printer models in order to cure the design defect.  In fact, Canon has intentionally ignored repeated consumer complaints and inquiries regarding faulty printheads installed in multiple inkjet printer models, and is a material fact as to the reliability and normal operation of the printers known only to Canon.

If you currently own a Canon inkjet printer that has displayed an error message of U052 rendering your printer non-operational, and wish to join the class action against Canon USA, please click here to download our questionnaire.  Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we will add you to our database of class members for this litigation. 

Federman & Sherwood has extensive nationwide experience in representing consumers with defective or faulty retail products, and invites individuals who believe they currently have a defective Canon printer to complete and return the questionnaire to our office for representation in this litigation.  Additional information about the allegations and our latest complaint filed can be reviewed here.

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